IP Prism charges up to two types of fees pertaining to listings and sales of patents. In some instances, we charge an insertion fee for creating a listing (that identifies one or more patents and/or one or more patent applications as being for sale). We also charge a Transaction Fee when a closing of a listing occurs.


Insertion Fee

A fee (the “Insertion Fee”) may be charged when IP Prism lists a listing on their platform. Whether an insertion fee is charged and/or an amount of the insertion fee depends on a price that the Seller has defined for the listing (the “Listing Price”) and a default price (defined using publicly available information about the size of the listing and the status each of the patents and each of the patent applications that are being made available in the listing).

The precise considerations that influence the calculation of the Insertion Fee may change from time to time, though each Seller will be provided information in advance of confirming a listing of the applicable Listing Price.


       No Insertion Fee if: the Listing Price is equal to or under the default price;

       $20/month if: the Listing Price is between $1-$10k beyond the default price

       $50/month if: the Listing Price is between $10k-$20k beyond the default price;

       $100/month if: the Listing Price is $20k-50k beyond the default price; or

       $200/month: if the Listing Price is more than $50k beyond the default price.


Transaction Fee

A fee (the “Transaction Fee”) will be paid at closing, when Stripe Connect (the “Payment-Transaction Entity) distributes the purchase price provided by the Buyer to the Seller, IP Prism and the Payment-Transaction Entity. The Transaction Fee amount distributed to IP Prism will be 7.5% of the purchase price. The fee charged by the Payment-Transaction Entity is $0.25+0.25% of the purchase price.